In 2013, in the evenings in the backyard of a house, best friends talk about their common dreams and how they see the future in local cinema. They talk about their expectations and from even their little experience they weave scenarios that they believe can definitely be better. For a whole year they plan and speculate, they take their experiences and imagine how they can be strengthened, how they can build and contribute so that our cinema, our productions are more and more competitive, that the space for creativity is not reduced by technical limitations and that our productions have more and more creative quality.


It is these ideas and their extreme passion for cinema that made these friends join forces in 2014 to undertake an adventure without waste, an endless learning path that has made them witness the rebirth of a local industry and its evolution towards the international level. To see our passion and all the cinema we love become a reality, something within the reach of our insatiable imagination and curiosity. 


Metadata Cine is synonymous of dreams and perseverance, of believing in something and that something making it available to everyone. We hope to continue building the rest together.


international projects

local projects


Metadata Cine has been consolidating its position as the most important national company of integrated digital image services, specialized mainly in the design and supervision of audiovisual workflows. Currently the company is expanding to multiple markets in the region and Latin America.