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You can request quotes and information about our services by emailing us at

Yes, we are film agents so our services are covered by the benefits provided by both article 34 and 39 of the Dominican Tax Incentive Law. For more information on how we can take advantage of the incentives of these articles, you can write to us at

We do not operate as a rental house, rather we offer complete solutions that include the technical-creative staff and equipment that fits exactly what you need. However, if you need specific equipment you can contact us and depending on availability we may be able to help you.

Dailies Lab encompasses multiple services ranging from the creation of dailies for editorial and visualization, editorial assistance, creation of Masters & Backups in LTOs, distribution of dailies to different platforms such as PIX, Aspera,, MediaSilo etc., Dailies Color, design and creation of LUTs for dailies among others.


Yes. We can supply different internet speeds to fit your budget and the needs of your project. It can be asymmetrical or symmetrical internet and speeds range from 100mb to 1.5Gb upload and download.

We can provide both solutions, from creating dailies creation units near the set or processing them in our dailies lab located in Santo Domingo.

Our entire system is carefully designed to avoid any kind of privacy violation of the original or processed material. For that we always work with dedicated and encrypted fiber optic internet for each project, no computer has internet access except the computer dedicated to upload and distribute material to the viewing platforms, all communication between machines is done internally and from dedicated and encrypted servers, we have security cameras in all our facilities and dedicated staff access per project with frequently monitored access updates.

This service, like all our services, is quite modular. This means that depending on the nature and needs of each project we are able to supply everything necessary. But within what we can offer is: all the image monitoring flow both on set and off set, playback systems, Qtake systems and operators, live streaming services to anywhere in the world, all types of professional monitors both for professional color visualization and for all areas of the production that need it and of course all the technicians trained to provide the best possible experience.

With platforms like QTake we are able to create live streaming systems so that you can view what you are filming from anywhere in the world. You just decide who needs to watch and we take care of everything else.

Yes, we work with different suppliers that through us are able to provide internet service in different parts of the country. However, due to geographical issues or due to each supplier, there are areas of the country that are more complex or simply do not have coverage yet. We take care of the survey to offer you the best possible option.

Yes, all our wireless signals and equipment are encrypted and password protected, also you decide who will have access and who will not, we are able to monitor these accesses, allow and deny them.

We have a wide variety of monitors ranging from monitors for color critical monitoring, complete monitor stations for directors and producers including handheld monitors and monitors of different sizes, monitors for focus pullers among others.

We are not a rental house, but rather a full service solution to ensure the quality of the equipment we provide and to provide a design workflow to ensure that both the equipment and technical staff are tailored to your specific needs.

Yes. When we refer to Color Grading we are including everything concerning this process including offline-online conforming, color grading, SDR mastering, P3 (Cinemas) and mastering for multiple streaming services. It all depends on the route you have planned for your piece. This includes commercials, music videos, short films and feature films.

No, at this time we do not function as a distribution company.

We have excellent colorists that work with us and the possibility of working with the colorist that you propose. In this case we can do the management, provide the support and our color rooms. This includes the supervision of the project at this stage and the different tools and software you prefer.

Yes, our rooms are equipped for HDR viewing and we can deliver masters for Dolby Vision, HDR or HDR+ at an additional cost.

We work color processes based on DaVinci Resolve but we can work on any platform that the colorist prefers and is of their choice. We can manage the licenses and the dates they are needed.

We have Dolby Vision certified technicians and colorists, however we do not have a certified mastering room for theaters, on the other hand we have everything needed for Dolby Vision mastering for streaming services.

 Yes. Within the package of deliveries we deliver is the delivery in DCP both taped and untaped. Depending on the quantity of DCPs you need, there may be an additional cost per unit.

Yes. You can bring your project and create your DCP with us. The cost of this will be calculated per minute of duration, the minimum will be 10 mins, in case your piece has -10 mins you will be charged 10 mins as minimum duration.

 Yes, if you have your festival route we can make the deliveries based on their specifications and, within a certain time frame, we can deliver directly to their servers in case they are digital deliveries. After this time frame expires any additional deliveries will have an additional cost.

We are able to generate any type of deliveries you need, it will depend on the route you have planned what we can include in the delivery package. For more information on how we can help you with this please contact us at

We have LTOs from generation 6 to generation 8 and we always keep updating with each version that is released. The generation will depend on the needs of each project, this means that if we don't have the brand or generation you need in stock, we will get them. As for the quantities will really depend on the needs, we are able to offer any quantity that your project needs.

We do not represent any specific brand of LTOs, however the ones we use the most are HP. Regardless of this we can supply any brand that your requirements specify.

We do not represent any specific brand of hard drives. However, we can supply any brand or capacity that your project needs. As for capacities, we do not have specific capacities, this will depend a lot on your project and the availability of capacities in the market. Therefore, when designing the workflow of your project we take these variables into account to recommend the best way to store your material.

This will depend a lot on quantity, capacity, availability and duration in customs handling in case we don't have them in stock, but we usually recommend 1 to 2 weeks in advance of the start of the project.

All of our drives have warranties throughout production. If a hard drive or LTO becomes damaged or corrupted during this period we will replace it and that's it.

No. We do not offer this service ourselves, but we can recommend places to do it.

 You can visit our Careers section on this website and see the positions we have posted that are open for application. Carefully review the profile of each position and its requirements and then go to the Apply option, fill in the required fields and follow the corresponding steps. If you are selected for the position we will contact you.

There are both possibilities, however most of our positions are on a project basis. In our Career section on this website you can review the available positions and it will tell you what type of contract the position offers: project based or full time job.

Metadata Cine is a company in constant innovation that in addition to offering very competitive pay is involved in increasingly challenging and important projects, with recognized platforms and studios that you can be an active part of and you will be proud to incorporate these projects to your portfolio. We believe in the training of our staff and that is why we are constantly managing workshops and training resources and you will belong to a community of specialized technicians and artists who will be there to support you in every step you take. Being part of Metadata Cine is a seal of professional guarantee. To ask more about these benefits you can write us at

Preferably yes, however we understand that there are certain requirements that are learned with experience, so we take this into account at the time of the job interview and at the time of deciding on the position. On the other hand there are other professional and attitudinal requirements that are non-negotiable.

Yes. It is a mandatory requirement that you have a current and valid Sirecine and that it matches the position you are applying for.

Currently we do not have a formal internship program. However when choosing people for a specific position they always go through a training process on a real project in a supervised position that allows us to see your attitude, progress and learning as you advance to positions that carry greater responsibility.

Yes. After you have applied and once we have contacted you for a specific position we will ask you for a face-to-face meeting (presencial or remote) where we will ask you more specific questions, tell you about the project we have planned for you and you can ask us any questions you may have for us.